February 8, 2017

DH Glossary

As part of the Digital Humanities Winter School 2016 held in the Digital History Lab on February 2016, the Master students have developed a DH Glossary, with terms discussed along the Digital Source Critique module, given by Prof. Andreas Fickers.

The following students contributed to the project so far:

  • Aurélia Lafontaine
  • Ben Mahnen
  • Christian Graser
  • Elisabeth Einsweiler
  • Fanny Thill
  • Gilles Avenanti
  • Irina Diana Alexe
  • Jérôme Courtoy
  • Jim Carelli
  • Juliet Fox
  • Maral Biabanpeima
  • Patrick Besch
  • Patrick Quinteira
  • Paul Fonck
  • Sacha Pulli
  • Tobias Gieb

The Winter School 2017 will also have students working to review and to add new glossary items to the collection. These Winter Schools are internal activities of the University of Luxembourg, a series of five full-days workshops that integrates the programme of the Master for Contemporary European History.

Find hereby the complete list of this glossary, developed collectively by the students on the Moodle platform:


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