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DH-LAB has a strong focus on digital hermeneutics in the field of history. Our activities are self-reflexive and tell much about that
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Our blog is a collective, work in progress research open notebook. Here you will find our students research diaries entries, book reviews, event announcements and other reflections. You are more then welcome to share your thoughts and comments about what we are doing here. Please, leave your comment!

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The research projects you will find here are the soul of our DH-LAB. Each one, from a different angle, enable us to experiment, exchange and share new practices and knowledges around different subjects.

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Digital Literacy

DH-LAB is a room for experimentation. In this section you will find information and special programs, workshops and other teaching & learning activities undertaken by the DH-LAB to foster Digital Literacy.

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Research Facilities

The DH-LAB room is located at the first floor of Maison de Sciences Humaines, at Belval Campus. Our research facilities include personal workstations, hardware (i.e. book & map scanner; 3D scanner; 3 printers, etc.) and software (i.e. obg. editors; virtual library system; sound and video editing).

Mission statement

An experimental space for exploring new ways of research and teaching history in the digital age.

Welcome to the Digital History LAB (DH-LAB) of the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) and the Institute for History / University of Luxembourg. The DH-Lab is designed as an experimental space for exploring new ways of doing historical research and teaching in the digital age. It is equipped with a cutting-edge digital infrastructure (see Research Facilities) and fully integrated into the interdisciplinary laboratory environment of FLSHASE (with its Media and Experimental Lab, the GIS Lab, the Usability Laboratory). Mission As a trading zone for the negotiation of new knowledge, the DH-LAB promotes a hands-on approach to new digital tools and technologies in the field of history. In training students and researchers in using new methods of doing historical research with digital datasets and in exploring new forms of historical storytelling online, the DH-Lab aims to be a place of critical reflection on both the epistemological and methodological challenges of doing history in the age of big data and digital meta-sources. We want this place and blog to turn into a vivid and creative place for sharing ideas and practices in our field and thereby stimulate a self-reflexive approach in hybrid practice of history today. If you are interested in engaging in this on-going debate on digital hermeneutics in the field of history, please share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with us!

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